Saratoga project expected to start in mid-May

MARSHALL — City Engineer Glenn Olson told nearly 30 residents who attended an informational meeting Thursday evening at the Marshall-Lyon Library that the estimated $1.9 million Saratoga Street project will likely start in mid-May.

Olson cautioned weather and ground conditions would determine exactly when construction would start. He also reported that any assessment property owners would face did not include sanitary sewer, driveway repair or walk-ups to their property.

The two-part project will start with the portion beginning at C Street (library) and going south. Then C Street going northwest, would be part two, Olson said. Some residents expressed concern that it would interfere with access to the Marshall Middle School.

The plan was to start construction just east of the bridge, just west of College Drive and goes southeasterly all the way to Southview Drive, with a variety of things taking place on adjacent streets as well, Olson said. The work would go also down the vacated South First Street.

“Why not do by the school early summer?” one resident asked. “The vacated street doesn’t matter to us.”

“We hope to have it done by the time school starts in the fall,” Olson said. “We need as many good construction days as possible. There could be significant issues with (waiting until school is out). You can’t get the whole thing done from mid-June to the end of August.”

However, Olson said every consideration would be made for access.

“We’ll have to work with the school for a plan that doesn’t significantly alter the construction rates,” he said.

Residents commented the section going by the school should be done in early summer.

“We’re flexible as to which section to begin with,” Olson said.

Olson also reviewed the payment of assessments which are to be payable in equal annual principal installments, historically extending over a period of eight to 10 years, to begin annually in 2019, bearing interest to be determined from Oct. 15, 2018, through Dec. 31, 2019.

“The interest rate has not yet been determined,” Olson said. “For 2018 projects, the owner of any property may at any time prior to certification of the assessment to the county auditor, pay the entire assessment on their property with interest accrued from October 15.”

The right to partially prepay the assessment is available, he said.

Olson said this was a general information meeting. They would hold a separate meeting to go over the costs and special assessments in more detail after getting a contractor on the project. This meeting was for obtaining feedback from the residents along Saratoga as to on which end the project should start.

Some of the other points of interest regarding the special assessments for residents shared by Olson include the following:

• Water main and water service line replacements (up to and including the curb stops) are paid for by Marshall Municipal Utilities (MMU).

• Sanitary sewer main replacements are paid for by the Wastewater fund. Storm sewer main and catch basin replacements are paid for by the Surface Water Management Utility Fund.

• Street replacement costs associated with the replacement of water, sewer and storm sewer mains are paid for by the respective utilities.

• ADA required sidewalk ramps at the intersections are paid for by the city of Marshall.

• The remaining street replacement costs, including public sidewalks, are split 50/50 between the property owners and the city.

Residents may want to consider doing more while their streets are dug up.

“You don’t have to,” he said. “You can hire anyone you want to to do up to your house, but it would be something to consider having the contractor do it while he’s there.”

The private sanitary sewer connections including the wye (support structure) and the service line to the property line are the responsibility of each property owner attached to the sewer main, Olson said.

The removal and/or replacement of additional areas of the individual driveways are the responsibility of the property owner as each driveway is different in size and serves only the property owner.

“Your neighbor might have a single car garage and you have a three-car garage,” he said. “It wouldn’t be fair if you paid the same amount as your neighbor.”

The removal and/or replacement of private sidewalks from the curb to the property (walk-ups) are the responsibility of the property owner, he said.

“We intend to meet with anyone individually who wants to address parts of the project because there are significant (variables) along the street,” Olson said.

Olson said brought up the Schwan’s area and vacated South First Street, for instance. He said there is a request to run utilities all along the street and will involved the parking lot and surrounding area. Sewer and water runs along there and that needs to be addressed, Olson said.

Other entities that would be affected included the YMCA and the Farmers Market.

“The intent is to replace all the utilities along the vacated portion of South First Street,” Olson said. “It will be a significant impact there, but we’ll be talking to them individually as well.”

Then, too, reconstructing utilities had to be figured into the plan, he said. MnDOT is planning to rework Bruce Street a considerable way in 2025, Olson said.

“If we touch the curb and gutter, we’re responsible for them,” he said. “And they may be torn up by MnDOT before their life span was complete.”

Olson also said they were working with Schwan’s about the length of its trucks so that they wouldn’t scrape the curb on the proposed curve near the fire hall and that they were also proposing connecting the sidewalk from Radiant Life Church to Greeley Street and adding a bike path from College Drive all the way to the school.

The Marshall Fire Department has been contacted and is planning to run the trucks out of the northerly side of the building during the construction, Olson said.

The staff members were on hand as well as special guests who were also willing to answer questions, but Olson fielded the majority of the questions.