Lyon Co. Board approves hires for landfill, recycling jobs

MARSHALL — Discussion on filling two jobs, both related to the Lyon County landfill and recycling programs, were part of the agenda for Lyon county Commissioners on Tuesday. Commissioners took action to fill a vacant landfill operator position, and to advertise for an environmental specialist and education coordinator, said Lyon County Administrator Loren Stomberg.

The two positions have different focuses, but both will help the county environmental department, said Lyon County Environmental Administrator Roger Schroeder.

One of the two positions discussed Tuesday, the environmental specialist and education coordinator, would help continue the environmental education work done by Lyon County recycling educator Sharon Root. Root retired last year, after more than 25 years with the county.

For the new position, Schroeder said, “A focus is school education and recycling promotion … and then trying to do some additional outreach, too.”

Schroeder said the county environmental department would like to bring that outreach to area businesses. Not only could it be possible to help increase recycling by businesses in Lyon County, but it would be a chance to encourage adults to recycle, and answer their questions.

The environmental specialist and education coordinator could also do other projects for the environmental department, Schroeder said. Some examples included reporting on recycling participation in the county, promoting Lyon County’s mattress and car seat recycling programs, or reporting on environmental data from the Lyon County landfill. Examples of landfill data that gets reported include readings from the landfill’s gas flare, or information on wastewater hauling or recycling at the landfill, Schroeder said.

The pay range for the environmental specialist and education coordinator would be $20.96 and hour to $29.34 an hour.

Commissioners approved advertising for the position, Stomberg said.

The second position discussed Tuesday, a landfill operator, will help things run more smoothly at the landfill, Schroeder said. Filling the position, which was posted internally earlier this month, will bring the total number of landfill operators to three, plus a supervisor.

“The biggest benefit to us is we can have two operators on the working face of the landfill,” and be able to run the landfill’s compactor more often, Schroeder said. Compacting the garbage in the landfill helps get rid of air pockets and leaves more space in the landfill’s cell, making it last longer, he said. Schroeder said it will be important for the landfill to be prepared for increased activity or amounts of waste if Redwood and Renville counties begin hauling waste to the Lyon County landfill again.

Schroeder said a current landfill worker would fill the position of operator. The starting hourly wage for the operator position is $19.82.

Commissioners approved transferring the worker into the position of landfill operator, Stomberg said.