Governor issues order to help farmers during frigid weather

MARSHALL — The frigid temperatures over the weekend were enough to make Gov. Mark Dayton issue an executive order to provide emergency relief from regulations incorporated in Minnesota Statues pertaining to hours of service for motor carriers and drivers providing direct assistance in emergency relief efforts.

This action should help address an increased need for propane heating across Minnesota, the governor’s office said.

Minnesota and the upper Midwest have faced colder than average temperatures which are expected to continue for the next seven to 10 days, creating an increased need to heat homes, farms, and businesses across the state. Dayton’s office said the executive order will help increase the supply of propane to heat more than 200,000 homes, 3,300 hog and 3,746 poultry operations, and other farms and businesses across the state.

According to the National Weather Service, a cold high pressure settling over the Plains/Mississippi Valley will slowly begin to moderate through today.

National Weather Service General Forecaster Brad Temeyer in Sioux Falls said Marshall can expect a high of 16 degrees today, but it will turn bitter cold again by nightfall. He expects tonight’s low to reach -2 degrees and only warm up to 4 degrees above zero Wednesday.

On Thursday, temperatures are predicted to reach 8 above zero, but drop again to minus 8 over night.

Each day’s prediction becomes slightly warmer as the weekend approaches, Temeyer said. “Friday’s high will be 7 above,” he said. “Friday night’s low will be 2 below,” he said.

Saturday will see a 20 percent chance of snow and a high of 19 degrees. Saturday night temperatures will remain at 11 above.

“Sunday will also see a 30 percent chance of snow and 28 degrees for a high,” Temeyer said.

“Sunday’s low will be about 11 above with another 20 percent chance of snow at night.”

Monday will find yet another hike in temperatures, he said, with a high of 18 degrees. This will give a temporary relief as we head into the middle of January.