Search for Tracy city admin continues

Council decides against hiring new interim admin

TRACY — The Tracy City Council on Monday decided the cost of hiring a new professional interim city administrator would be too high.

Current interim city administrator Shane Daniels reported to the board at its Monday meeting that it would cost the city $6,500 per month for 20-25 hours per week to hire an interim city administrator. That works out to be about $65 per hour, which the council thought was high for such few hours.

Daniels, who is also the city maintenance manager, is paid an additional $2,000 per month to pull double duty.

The council asked Daniels to fill in after Madonna Peterson resigned in September. On Monday, the council asked Daniels to continue in that capacity until a new administrator was hired.

Daniels said he didn’t mind filling the role during less busy times of the year.

“Right now, maintenance is slow, but come March and April, we’ll be extra busy,” Daniels said.

There are about five other cities advertising for administrators too, Daniels said. He also said Wendall Sande of the South Central Service Cooperative was just hired last month to coordinate Tracy’s administrator search and it may be into January before a full-time person is found.

The applications request began Nov. 10 and will close Dec. 1. First round interviews will begin Dec. 13 after all the applications were reviewed, background checks completed and phone interviews conducted.

In January, a community reception will be held for the finalists and final interviews with the city council will be conducted, followed by a job offer and subsequent appointment.