Pride in the Tiger Fund Use Grants for October 2017 announced

The Pride in the Tiger Foundation has awarded $64,555 in Fund Use Grants in October. These grants are awarded to both public and private schools and support worthwhile initiatives in Marshall schools. Individuals within Marshall schools go through an application process, and those requests are reviewed by a committee of the Pride in the Tiger Foundation.

Fund Use Grants are awarded twice a year, in October and March.

Some of the grants support in the October cycle include:

• Accelerated Reading programs, Spelling Bee registration, Samuel Lutheran School

• Missoula Children’s Theater, Children’s Museum and SMSU Planetarium visit for Holy Redeemer

• Field trips, SMART Board speakers and band stands for True Light Christian

• Junior Achievement, Cooking Matters program for MATEC

• Weekly magazines, flexible seating and book battles for Marshall elementary schools

• Kindness retreat, enrichment trips, alternative seating, reading books, board games, and Maker Space activity kits for Marshall Middle School

• Speech, BPA and FFA National registrations, audio/video production equipment, Swivl System and Link Crew for Marshall High School

The Pride in the Tiger Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide financial and other support for activities and extraordinary educational programs supporting children’s personal growth and development in their pursuit of excellence.

Last May, the Pride in the Tiger Foundation awarded 158 scholarships totaling $147,580 to Marshall High School seniors in the Class of 2017.