Murray County Board OKs health insurance resolution

SLAYTON — The Murray County commissioners approved a resolution regarding the 2018 Murray County Health Insurance plans and several ditch reports, repairs and payment requests at Tuesday’s meeting.

The Health Insurance Resolution was unanimously approved and commits the county government to offer the following choices for health insurance through Preferred One:

• Single Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association/Health Savings Account (VEBA/HSA) Plan with a $2,700 deductible, 80/20 plan and a monthly premium of $709.75,

• A second Single VEBA/HSA Plan with a $2,700 deductible with a monthly premium of $765.50,

• A third Single VEBA/HSA Plan with a $5,000 deductible and a $622.75 premium,

• A Family VEBA/HSA Plan with a $5,200 deductible, 80/20 plan and a monthly premium of $1,905,

• A Family VEBA/HSA Plan with a $5,200 deductible and a monthly premium of $2,048,

• A Family VEBA/HSA Plan with a $10,000 deductible with a monthly premium of $1,682.

There were three ditch motions with a variety of voting turnouts that still produced positive results.

The first motion was to approve the payment of two legal bills for Judicial Ditch (JD) 3 from the contractor I & S Group. The first bill was for $8,970, and the second was for $15,910.74 for a total of $24,880.74.

Commissioners David Thiner, James Jens and Gerald Magnus all voted yes. Lori Gunnink and Glenn Kluis abstained.

In the conversation around the motion these points were brought out, Murray County Auditor-Treasurer Heidi Winter said the invoice was separated because it was for the Judicial Ditch 3 Improvement Project which has its own joint drainage board consisting of three commissioners from Murray County and two commissioners from Cottonwood County. 

Additionally the Commissioners who voted “yes” are the three commissioners on the joint drainage board. 

“The two who abstained are not on the joint drainage board, “Winter said. “Paying bills is one of those administrative tasks. The bills are sent to Murray County for payment and then ratified the next time the joint boards (Murray and Cottonwood) convene.” 

 The commissioners unanimously approved paying the following two ditch repair bills for Johnson Ditching, Inc. regarding JD 14. The first is for $820.74 and the second is also for JD 14 in the amount of $549.25, for a total of $1,369.99.

The board also approved conducting ditch inspections for three county ditches: JD 19 in Cameron Township, CD 40 in Bondin Township and JD 03 in Dovray Township.

The board also discussed the JD08 Improvement, but no action was taken

Other actions taken at this meeting include the unanimous approval of the following:

• Authorizing the board chair to sign the 2018-2019 State of Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources Block Grant agreement.

• Approved and authorized the board chair to sign the household hazardous waste management program agreement.

• Approved a Minnesota Lawful Gambling permit for the Shetek Area Sportsmen’s Association to be held at Key Largo on May 19, 2018.

• Approved contract number 20176 and approve the final payment to W.N.D. Scepaniak Inc. for gravel crushing in the amount of $31,798.03 and to authorize county coordinator Aurora Heard to sign the certificate of final acceptance and county board acknowledgement form.

• Approved purchasing a heavy duty battery charger in the amount of $799.99 and jump starter in the amount of $399.99 from a specific account.

• An economic development tax abatement policy was approved.

• Approved hiring Sandhurst Construction for adding two offices to the Food Service building in the amount of $7,500 and to authorize the board chair to sign the agreement. This was passed 4-0 with Thiner abstaining.

• Approved a subordination agreement with Dawn Noerenberg for property at 70 Pioneer Trail for a Small Cities Development Program Loan and for the auditor-treasurer to sign the agreement on behalf of the county.

• Approved to sell the extra brick from the sheriff’s department.

The county board approved setting a public hearing for proposed changes to Murray County’s Business Subsidy Policy at 10:15 a.m. on Nov. 28 and setting a public hearing for the 2018 fee schedule for 10:15 a.m. on Dec. 12.