Lincoln County Board approves $8,977.50 for ditch repairs

IVANHOE — The Lincoln County Board of Commissioner voted unanimously last week to pay the $8,977.50 bill presented by A & C Construction at the previous meeting, but had been disputed then tabled.

Environmental Administrator Robert Olsen discussed the previous issue with JD 31 and the Persoon family that was brought forward during the Nov. 7 meeting.

Olsen also presented a written guarantee that was signed by A & C Construction. He went through the process of what happened with JD 31 and said there was a portion of the system that failed.

The Persoon brothers, Ron, Richard and Kenneth, had asked the repairs be made free of charge by the company of record at the time the ditch had been repaired less than five years ago. Persoons said there should be some sort of warranty on their work.

Olsen told the board that there was a bigger picture than just the repair.

“If only the portion of the system that had failed had been repaired, it would have cost about $1,000 to $1,500,” he said. “The bill in question was for a larger area than just the part that failed.”

That is why the bill is for $8,977.50.

Commissioner Jack Vizecky, as well as the rest of the board, felt that the county needs to have some kind of spec sheet so this type of situation is avoided in the future.

Olsen informed the board that he could do an order sheet with each ditch project of this size where the project and what needs to be done are explained and signed off on.

“The board feels the current bill should still be paid, but would like to avoid a situation like this in the future,” county auditor Deb Vierhuf said in her unapproved draft of the minutes, which is why they approved paying it.

Under reports, with winter approaching, Lincoln County Engineer Joe Wilson and his crew have been busy getting concrete work and other projects done before the temperatures get too cold to get certain projects done.

Wilson reported to the Lincoln County Board that the Hendricks concrete work is complete.

“The intersections of Lincoln and Main and the Garfield and Main were completed by the city and their contractor,” he said.

The county had a cost share agreement with the city on the Lincoln and Main intersection.

The county will pay for the entire cost of the Garfield and Main intersection, meeting minutes said, to help with a future project where it would need to be completed.

Another project, and S box culvert on CSAH 1 should be open to traffic soon, Wilson said. This will be gravel over the winter.

CSAH 17 to Wilno is scheduled to be paved in the spring, Wilson said.

“It would be a good time to do County Road 110 at the same time,” he said. If they decide to do that, it will be included in the paving projects next spring.

Wison also reported the city of Ivanhoe is considering applying for the Safe Routes to School Grant which would include sidewalk. This would include sidewalk and ramp work.

“In order to get the grant,” he said, “the county will need to be the sponsor and fiscal agent. The project would take place in the year 2022.

Wilson also had some maintenance updates to present to the county commissioners:

• The bridge maintenance repair list is being compiled for inspection.

• Some fencing has been put in place at the Skime pit.

• Working on reinforcing the floor ceiling in the old Ivanhoe shop.

• Will work on stumps by Arco as weather permits.

• Ditch cleaning and shaping will continue as weather permits.

• The contractor should be in next week to finish the remaining items at the Tyler shop.

• A meeting with MnDOT was scheduled that afternoon to discuss the agreement for sharing the building.

Additionally, there is one applicant Wilson was planning to interview for the Engineering Tech position. He said that an interview was scheduled for 4 p.m. that day. Then he confirmed Vizecky would be able to attend, representing the personnel committee. The commissioners then unanimously approved the Engineer’s Employment Contract form.

In other board actions:

• On a vote of 3-for and 1-abstain, the board approved the MPCA County Feedlot Program Agreement presented by Olsen.

• Olsen asked for and received unanimous approvals of the AIS Prevention Plan, receiving $64,000 in AIS funding in the coming year.

• Unanimous approval was also giving to the Regional Household waste Management Agreement presented by Olsen.

• The commissioners also unanimously approved ditch cleaning for JD 16 by A & C Construction at an approximate cost of about $4,000, and also to transfer $18,000 from the general fund to the County Ditch No. 2 repair fund to cover expenses related to the re-determination of benefits for CD 2.