Area school districts have elections

WWG passes referendum, Nelson wins RTR School Board seat

MARSHALL — An operating referendum passed by an overwhelming majority at Westbrook-Walnut Grove Schools, one of four area school districts where voters went to the polls on Tuesday.

WWG Superintendent Loy Woelber said he was pleased that 74 percent of the voters were in favor of the referendum.

“I would’ve felt defeated if it only passed at 50 percent,” he said. “We really wanted it to be over 70 percent, and it passed by 74 percent, so that’s very good news.”

A total of 510 votes were cast in regards to the WWG operating referendum — 379 yes and 131 no votes.

“On behalf of the board and myself, we’re grateful,” Woelber said. “We don’t ask for what we don’t need. And it’s nice to nice have to vote for 10 more years.”

The operating referendum will increase the district’s revenue from $760 per student to $1,750 per student.

“It’s really for everything,” Woelber said. “Part of it will be for supplementing our preschools — we’ve added so much to that. There are just so many challenges keeping up with the needs of kids. Even a class of 28 now, we may be able to split that into two classes, so this is very good.”

Voters from three other area school districts went to the polls to cast their votes for school board members. At Lynd Schools, three seats were open. Current school board members Crystal Pochardt and Mark DeJaeghere were re-elected by votes of 16 and 12, respectively. Ronald Prorok received two votes to secure the third seat.

Russell-Tyler-Ruthton held elections for three school board seats — one each from the Russell, Tyler and Ruthton areas. Peggy Dunblazier, who filed for re-election, won the Tyler seat with 93 votes. Tami Nelson topped the Ruthton school board race, garnering 169 votes. Challenger Steven Hesse received 90 votes.

For the Russell seat, John Bloom was victorious with 52 votes. A total of 25 other votes were cast, divided up between 15 different individuals.

Canby Schools also looked to fill three school board seats in Tuesday’s election. Write-in candidate Jaci Weber recorded the most votes (159), followed by Kari Harding (135), who filed for re-election. While Weber and Harding each secured a school board position, the third seat has not yet been determined.

Write-in candidate Tricia Bueltel and Laurie Driessen, who filed for re-election, tied with 129 votes apiece. According to Canby Superintendent Ryan Nielsen, the school will be contacting the county auditor in the morning to confirm what steps to take next. Nielsen added that 256 voters came to the polls on Tuesday, which he felt were “really good numbers.”