Red Pine project progresses in Lincoln County

Photo by Jody Isaackson Anyone out driving the highways between Granite Falls and Ivanhoe this past month may have noticed the parts for the turbines coming in by rail and by semi truck and trailer.

IVANHOE — Twenty-two down and 88 turbines to go.

The Red Pine project is making its way across Lincoln County just west of Ivanhoe. Wind turbines are being erected in spite of the recent rains.

“(Rain) has slowed it down some, but it hasn’t caused us to fall behind schedule,” EDF project manager Raymond Fletcher said.

Fletcher said the goal is to complete the project by Dec. 31 and that there is a start-up ceremony planned for Nov. 2. A celebratory lunch is planned for Nov. 3.

Parts for the turbines are being transported by rail and semi truck and trailer.

Red Pine’s Senior Project Developer Shanelle Montana had previously said the majority of wind turbine components come from the U.S.

“There are over 20 companies manufacturing wind turbine components just right here in Minnesota,” she said.

There are about 272 construction workers, Fletcher said.

“They are from I.E.A. (Indiana Energy Association),” he said.