Hanson accepts city admin job

MARSHALL — A finalist candidate for Marshall city administrator has accepted the job.

Sharon Hanson, the current Pipestone County administrator, officially accepted an offer from the city on Monday, said interim city administrator Sheila Dubs. Hanson has been in negotiations with the city since last week.

Hanson was one of two finalist candidates interviewed by the city council, community members and city employees last week. Hanson has served as Pipestone County administrator for 12 years. Hanson has also worked as an account manager for MacNeil Environmental in Burnsville, and as the head of the environmental health department for Lincoln, Lyon, Murray and Pipestone Public Health Services.

The search for a city administrator was the second Marshall has conducted in as many years. In June, council members approved a separation agreement with city administrator Nicholas Johnson. In 2016, the city accepted the resignation of city administrator Ben Martig, who had taken a position as the city administrator of Northfield.

Dubs said the Marshall City Council will consider approving an employment agreement with Hanson at its regular meeting tonight. Under the agreement, Hanson’s first day of work will be Nov. 16.

The terms of the city’s employment agreement with Hanson, posted Monday on Marshall’s online city council agenda, include a gross salary of $122,782 per year starting November 16.

Starting Jan. 1, 2018, Hanson’s gross salary would increase to $126,776. The agreement also included reimbursement for moving costs for Hanson to relocate to Marshall.

The maximum reimbursement under the agreement is $7,500.