Everyday Leader Simulcast slated for Tuesday

MARSHALL — Positive change doesn’t usually happen by accident — it’s the result of a conscious decision paired with noble effort.

At least that’s Randy Anderson’s version of reality. And as a past attendee, he has valuable inside knowledge about the benefits of Everyday Leader Simulcast events — ones like the 2017 Everyday Leader Fall Simulcast that is set to take place on Tuesday in Marshall.

“It’s about improving yourself,” said Anderson, an employee of Dakota Fluid Power, Inc., whose main office is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. “I bring myself and my team. It’s just a good day to focus on self-improvement and growth. We get together, network and come up with new ideas for on and off work.”

Anderson, a native of the Taunton and Porter area, isn’t shy about telling people to put away their excuses as he encourages them to take the first step and attend the simulcast event.

“If you learn one thing, it’s worth the $50 and a day off,” he said. “You even get lunch. I encourage people to just take off work and do it. You have to make a commitment — a decision. You have to invest in yourself. How can you afford not to?”

The Everyday Leader is an opportunity that can equip people with the tools necessary to improve the world they see around them — to help guide them to be the kind of leaders who can bring about positive change.

“It’s important to just get involved,” Anderson said.

While the leadership event can provide a valuable experience for employees, it’s also geared toward individuals — anyone can be a leader, said Doug Wing, one of the event coordinators.

“We have 300 tickets sold already and approximately 100 of them are local students from surrounding schools,” Wing said.

Wing has been involved in past leadership events and said the Everyday Leader committee believes that to grow any organization, you must grow your people.

“This event helps us partner with organizations that are intentional about personal development and equipping their organizations,” he said. “Most small business do not have systems in place for employee development and this gives us access to some great leaders with experiences and wisdom for very little cost.”

Wing said he was impressed with companies like Dakota Fluid Power for choosing to take advantage of everything the leadership event offers.

“One comment we hear each spring from our speakers is that we have something special in Marshall with these events,” Wing said. “We are very grateful for our generous sponsors and all those that help these events be effective and successful.”

Anderson referenced the well-known definition of insanity.

“It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” he said. “So I definitely recommend this event. Take a half a day and be inspired about listening to people and how you can make some adjustments and changes to your day. We can all step back and think about how we can do things different and what we want out of life.”

Anderson anticipates bringing seven others with him to the 2017 Everyday Leader Fall Simulcast. Between speakers, the coworkers will talk amongst each other.

“We watch the videos and when there are breaks, we just visit and talk about it,” Anderson said. “Afterward, we recap and then everybody goes home. It’s just a great growth day.”

Four world-class leadership experts, including John Maxwell, will share their motivational messages via simulcast at Marshall High School. Those in attendance in Marshall and other simulcast locations are able to tap into the experience as Maxwell hosts the Live2Lead half-day leadership development presentation.

Maxwell, a best-selling author, speaker and pastor, has written more than 100 books that have been translated into 50 languages. He also travels around the world, meeting with people in all walks of life and helping them discover their own significance. His mission is to equip others to do remarkable things.

“There’s no higher goal than to help others realize their significance and potential,” he said on his website. “That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to what I believe I do best: teach.”

Featured speaker Dave Ramsey is also a best-selling author in addition to being a personal money-management expert. Going from being a millionaire to losing everything, Ramsey began a quest for financial wisdom. Over time, he began sharing his insight with others.

In 1992, he formed Ramsey Solutions to counsel people who were suffering from financial stress. He then wrote the book “Financial Peace,” which was based on everything he and his wife, Sharon, learned from their experience. Then with a friends, Ramsey started a radio call-in show called “The Money Game,” now nationally syndicated as “The Dave Ramsey Show.”

“It’s a chance to create your personal development plan,” Anderson said. “The event isn’t that expensive. They put it together and have really good speakers. The speakers and books are very expensive, but it’s great that we can sit down and watch this (via the simulcast).”

Cheryl Bachelder served as CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc, from 2007 to 2017, leading a remarkable turnaround of the company’s financial woes. Along with more than 35 years experience, Bachelder authored the book “Dare to Serve: How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others.” One of the key takeaways from the book is that “Dare-to-Serve” leaders are ones who create work environments that bring out the best in their people.

The fourth featured speaker is Warrick Dunn, former NFL running back and partner for the Atlanta Falcons. In addition to his standout career in football — at Florida State University and with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons, Dunn has established a number of charitable organizations.

In 1997, he established the Home for the Holidays (HFTH) program, followed by Warrick Dunn Charities (WDC) in 2002. Then in 20017, Dunn, along with Andre Agassi, Muhammad Ali, Lance Armstrong, Jeff Gordon, Mia Hamm, Tony Hawk, Andrew Jaeger, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Mario Lemieux, Alonzo Mourning and Cal Ripken, Jr., founded Athletes for Hope, which helps professional athletes, sports industry professionals and fans get involved in charitable causes. Dunn has also been recognized numerous times for his philanthropy and community involvement.

Dunn’s message is one of overcoming obstacles and pursuing dreams through hard work and dedication.

The 2017 Everyday Leader Fall Simulcast event is brought to the Marshall area through the Legacy Foundation and Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m., followed by the event from 8 a.m.to 1 p.m. Lunch is included in the price. Pre-registering is preferred at: https://marshall.webconnex.com/everydayleader. For more information, call the Marshall Chamber at: 507-532-4484.