Council acts on Hamden Street parking

MARSHALL — They asked for feedback, and they got it.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Marshall City Council, council members renewed discussion of a proposal to restrict parking on Hamden Street to better allow for snow removal and street sweeping.

The discussion included feedback from property owners along Hamden Street, who were more in favor of permanently restricting parking on one side of the street. In the end, however, council members voted to approve a resolution for alternate-side parking.

There are several businesses and apartment complexes located along Hamden Street, which itself is located near the intersection of Saratoga Street and College Drive. On-street parking, combined with the narrowness of the street, make it hard to do street sweeping or snow removal there, said Marshall Public Works Director Glenn Olson.

Olson said informational notices were sent out to property owners along Hamden Street, listing three options for restricted parking. The options were: to restrict parking to one side of the street; to have daily alternate-side parking; or to have weekly alternate-side parking. The city received several responses, Olson said.

“We had three of them respond (in favor of) having no parking on one side at any time,” Olson said. Another property owner suggested having no parking on Hamden Street during snow events.

There weren’t a lot of good solutions to the parking problem, said council member James Lozinski. Council members noted that permanently restricting parking to one side of Hamden Street might mean that only one side of the street would get snowplow and sweeping attention.

Choosing which side of the street to allow parking on could also affect snow removal, they said. Hamden Street has one “straight side,” and one side with areas where the curb is set back farther.

On the other hand, Marshall Mayor Bob Byrnes said, Hamden Street was short, so it might work well to try out something new like weekly alternate-side parking.

“This might be the street to try it on,” he said.

Council members voted to approve a resolution calling for alternate-side parking on a weekly basis. Olson said he would make a calendar outlining when the parking would switch sides of the street.