Watershed, buffers zone ordinances on YMC agenda

GRANITE FALLS — The Yellow Medicine County Board will be voting on approving two major resolutions today.

The first is the One Watershed One Plan memorandum of agreement, the second is the Buffer Ordinance. Both have given the commissioners cause for considerable contemplation.

“The One Watershed, One Plan vision is to align local water planning on major watershed boundaries with state strategies towards prioritized, targeted and measurable implementation plans, the next logical step in the evolution of water planning in Minnesota,” the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, 2014 wrote.

This memorandum of agreement is between all the counties than the Yellow Medicine River runs through.

It is one of five pilot areas in Minnesota, including Lake Superior North, North Fork Crow River, Red Lake River and Root River in addition to Yellow Medicine River. It focuses on volume, water quality, groundwater, habitat, education and lakes.

“We waited to approve this so that Jolene Johnson could be there in case of questions,” Commissioner Ron Antony said in a telephone interview Monday, “and so that the county attorney could look it over.”

Under the buffer ordinance, the county board is looking at accepting approving the fine schedule and other details that were sent to the Department of Natural Resources for approval.

“It’s a carbon copy of the state recommendation,” Commissioner Ron Antony said, “except we set the fee schedule we want.”

The board had previously accepted responsibility for enforcing the new law and preserving their right to control the area in which they are familiar as opposed to letting someone from out of the area be in charge.

Other topics on the agenda include:

•Abatement for Mary Lou Stevens, Hazel Run Township.

• Highway resolutions for final payment of for a bridge replacement and for a bridge.

• Ashlie Johnson will give a presentation on tobacco retailer education.

• 2018 preliminary levy.