Teacher makes sure students know what happened on 9/11

MARSHALL – How do you tell little children who were just babies on Sept. 11, 2001, about what happened on that day?

“They are going to hear about it so they should learn about it,” said Mary Surprenant, a third-grade teacher at Holy Redeemer School.

Her class attended Monday’s Patriot Day presentation at Memorial Park in Marshall, but they prepared for it first by reading the book, “The Little Chapel That Stood” by A.B. Curtiss, said Surprenant.

“We started with that,” she said. “It’s a great book.”

“The Little Chapel That Stood,” a picture book for ages K-4, is about a historic chapel that survived Sept. 11 despite being less than 100 yards from the Twin Towers. It became the service depot for rescue workers.

For years, Surprenant has had her class write thank-you letters to first responders such as the ambulance crew and highway patrol.

— Karin Elton