Homecoming time at Marshall High

Adviser says Marshall High students love the tradition

The 2017 Marshall High School Homecoming candidates take a moment to pose for a photo on Wednesday afternoon on the high school campus. Pictured from left to right are: Luke Jones, Elizabeth Louwagie, Jefferson Lee, Karley Polejewski, Jonah Bader, Thalia Deutz, Andrew Bennett, Alexandra Bladholm, Ana Schwarz, Abe Jensen, Johanna Christensen, Casey Erbes, Mattea Dobrenski and Kaleb Bossuyt.

MARSHALL — Homecoming is a special time of year.

“It is a little chaotic, with dress-up days and people getting called out of classes for activities,” said Julie Kent, who has served as the Marshall High School Homecoming adviser for more than 10 years. “It’s a very busy week. But the students love it.”

Monday kicks off the official start of Homecoming at MHS. It’s a day when students are encouraged to wear pajamas to school. In the evening — beginning at 7 p.m. — there is a talent show, followed by a coronation ceremony. Both activities are scheduled to take place Monday night at the Schwan Community Center for the Performing Arts.

“It’s a tradition,” Kent said. “It has been something that we have done for many years.”

Kent said the seniors are the ones who vote to determine the seven young women and the seven young men who will serve as Homecoming royalty each year.

“As long I’ve been here, the Homecoming court has had seven of each,” she said. “The seniors vote to get the final 14. Then all the students in grades 9-12 vote on these after they’ve been determined.”

Along with a Homecoming king and queen, a prince and princess will be crowned on Monday evening.

“We have discussed major changes, but the feedback has always been to keep the traditional king/queen process along with the coronation,” Kent said.

Tuesday dress-up day is “Jorts (jean shorts) and Jerseys.” Wednesday is “America” day. Thursday is “Hawaiian” day, followed by “Tiger Pride” day on Friday.

After the MHS football game on Friday night, a Homecoming dance will take place.

“A fun time will be had by all, but I’m sure they’ll sleep well after the dance on Friday night.”