Council selects finalists for admin job

MARSHALL — Marshall City Council members have selected six finalist candidates for a new city administrator. While more details were not available Tuesday afternoon, city officials were able to release the names of the finalists who will be invited to do in-person interviews in early October.

The council met with search consultant Gary Weiers on Tuesday to narrow down the list of applicants for the Marshall city administrator position. Although the meeting was open, council members referred to applicants only as numbers, and no identifying information was discussed.

“Candidates are not public information until they are finalists,” Weiers said.

Council members ranked their top candidates and compared rankings. Weiers asked the council to consider how many finalists they wanted to extend interviews to.

“I would not go below three (candidates),” Weiers said, in case one or more of them declined the interview or were being offered another job. At the same time, the more candidates, the longer the interview process, he noted.

“I’d rather do more than less,” said council member Craig Schafer.

Council members voted to extend interviews to six finalist candidates: Stephen Daly, Sharon Hanson, William McCabe, Phillip Moore, Mark Vahlsing, and Fred Ventresco. More information about the finalists wasn’t available Tuesday, but interim city administrator Sheila Dubs said she would be releasing additional information to the press today.