Grant only needs a half a car to win his race at Yellow Medicine County Fair

Photo by Mike Lamb Second-place finisher Megan Regnier drives her blue minivan ahead of the the third-place finisher during the half-car skid race at the Yellow Medicine County Fair Thursday night.

CANBY — Lee Grant has a simple strategy when it comes to the half car skid races.

“Get in front and stay there,” the Montevideo resident said after winning the race during the Yellow Medicine County Fair Thursday night. “I had confidence once I got ahead.”

Grant cut a ’99 Grand Prix in half to enter the race. The second-place finisher, Megan Regnier, said Grant was just too fast. She cut a minivan in half for her entry.

“I got passed. His car is extremly fast,” Regnier said of Grant. “He blew by me like I was standing still. For a minivan, I thought I did pretty good.

Grant credited his skids for the speed of his vehicle.

“I guess verses the way they built theirs (other vehicles), I got skinnier skids. She (Regnier) had wide skids. So hers fell down into the slope of the track.”

Aaron Christensen of Lake Benton took the first demolition derby contest Thursday night.

“Just hit hard,” Christensen said of his winning strategy. “Do whatever you can. Use your back end more than your front end. But mind was rusty, so I couldn’t do that. I had to use my front end.”

Kenneth Jones of Tyler took second.

In the final demolition derby of the night, Becky Lanoue finished first over 16-year-old Parker Viaene finished who finished second.