Marshall school official surprised with award

Photo by Jenny Kirk Marshall School Board Vice Chairman Matt Coleman, right, presents the Minnesota Association of School Business Official of the Year award to Bruce Lamprecht, who is the district’s director of business Services.

MARSHALL — A Marshall Public School official’s dedication to his job has drawn statewide recognition.

Bruce Lamprecht, who has led the business team in the district for 23 years, was recently named the Minnesota Association of School Business Official of the Year.

“When it comes to setting the standard of professionalism in the Marshall Public School District, Bruce is the consummate role model,” Superintendent Scott Monson said. “Bruce has high expectations for himself form a professional perspective. He dressed professionally, carries himself confidently and acts professional at all times — and there’s not doubt this has a positive influence on others, including me. Bruce’s efforts have been instrumental in terms of increasing the level of professionalism of everyone in the district office and with whom he works.”

Monson surprised Lamprecht with the news one morning. The district office staff was also present to witness the announcement.

“I am very humbled and honored receiving this award and it truly is a reflection of the team effort we have at MPS with district office staff, administration and school board all supporting the work being done,” Lamprecht said. “I am the fortunate recipient this year.”

Monson said Lamprecht will review and pour over budget information, numbers and other items as long as it takes to ensure it is accurate.

“He is meticulous in all that he does and provides leadership to many things that is extremely thorough and done exceptionally well because of his attention to detail,” Monson said.

The presentation of the award was made at the MASBO annual conference held on May 11.

“The School Business Official of the Year Award was first created in 2001 and serves to recognize the outstanding practices and new ideas of Minnesota school business professionals and the great value they bring to their districts and communities,” MASBO executive director Connie Nordquist said.

Nordquist said that in Lamprecht’s nomination, he was recognized for his professionalism attention to detail and passion to make a difference for the school district, stakeholders and the community.

“Because this is a project-based award, Bruce was selected because of his overall contributions to his district, as well as for an initiative to reduce unpaid school meal balances,” she said. “This effort not only provided dollars back to the district, but encouraged others to be more mindful of the district’s financial health to keep the resources and money available for where it should be — which is the classroom.”

Lamprecht has been a MASBO member for many years and has served on the membership and legislative committees. He’s also a past president of the organization.

“MASBO is committed to advancing the knowledge and abilities of school business professionals and providing a voice and forum for the profession,” Nordquist said. “The membership consists of over 600 school district personnel representing Minnesota school districts who serve in areas of business administration, accounting, buildings and grounds, transportation, food service, personnel/payroll/benefits and purchasing. MASBO is an affiliate of the Association of School Business Officials, International.”

At the school board meeting on Monday, Lamprecht was also recognized through the Tiger Spotlight award.

Board members and administrators thanked Lamprecht for his dedication, time and talents, noting that his efforts have helped provide the best opportunities for students and staff at MPS.

“This award honors the current accomplishments and contributions of MASBO members,” MPS executive assistant Tricia Stelter said. “Bruce, you are most deserving of this award. Thank you for all you do.”

Stelter added that she couldn’t say enough positive things about Lamprecht.

“He is truly a wonderful person and great leader and mentor,” she said.

Monson added that students seem to come first for Lamprecht, though he goes well beyond the normal duties as director of business services to make a difference for others as well.

“He gives tirelessly to many nonprofit organizations in the great Marshall community because he believes in making a difference for others,” Monson said. “He leads efforts in our district for the United Way, Rotary International and multiple health- and wellness-related organizations. Unquestionably, he has a keen understanding in ‘paying it forward,’ and his service to others — including all the students in ISD 413 — is very impressive.”

Monson said MPS is fortunate to have Lamprecht serve as director of business services.

“The knowledge that Bruce possesses and his focus on what’s best for students, staff and families when combined with a strong sense of fiscal responsibility is a combination that is not often seen in business managers,” Monson said.

Lamprecht shared what he likes best about his job: “I like the variety of things that I get to do each day as there are very few days that are alike as far as the tasks, challenges and opportunities that will make up each work day.”

As with any job, there are challenges.

“I will say that trying to offer a variety of programs to our students to help them be prepared for the challenges they’ll face upon graduation and doing this with finite resources is a challenge,” Lamprecht said. “Financial planning and budgeting are challenges that are part of the position, but can be very rewarding as well if we’re able to accomplish the programming needed to address the variety of student needs.”

Lamprecht added that district-wide staffing is another challenge in his office, especially now with low unemployment.

“Helping administration find and hire the best qualified staff is an ongoing process that is key to our ‘business’ model of successfully providing quality curriculum and instruction to all of our students,” he said.

Lamprecht said he was passionate about his job.

“I feel so blessed to be working with such a terrific staff and school board who are all doing the very best they can to education and grow our students to become successful and productive citizens,” Lamprecht said.