Marshall residents told to stay inside during police search

Photo by Mike Lamb Multiple police agencies responded to assault report in Marshall neighborhood Thursday and participated in a search for the suspect.

MARSHALL — Reports of an assault on Fairview Street on Thursday morning led to a police search in the area.

A male suspect was located and detained without incident, Marshall Police said. However, people at a school and an assisted living facility in the area were notified to stay indoors during the search.

Around 11:40 a.m. Thursday, police responded to a reported assault involving a male suspect with a handgun, said Marshall Police Sgt. Tim Tomasek in a news release. Marshall Police, with assistance from the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department and the Minnesota State Patrol, searched the area around Fairview Street, Village Drive, Birch Street and Bruce Street.

The suspect was found and detained, and later released from custody after providing a statement, the news release said. No weapons were found, and no one was injured in the incident, the release said.

Because of the possibility of a weapon being involved, both a school and an assisted living facility in the search area were notified to keep people indoors during the incident.

However, the release said, local residents weren’t in any immediate danger. The incident is under investigation, Marshall Police said. The case will be sent to the Lyon County Attorney’s office for consideration of charges after the investigation is complete.