Marshall School District is looking for a few good subs

MARSHALL — A good substitute is hard to find.

Marshall Public Schools is looking for teachers and paraprofessionals to fill the gaps when permanent employees need to be away from the classroom.

“Substitutes are hard to come by,” said Amanda Grinager, director of teaching and learning.

The problem is local, statewide and national, she said.

“There is a big need at Marshall Public Schools, and all schools statewide and across the nation,” she said.

Teachers are hard to come by, too.

“Fewer teachers are retiring who would have substituted after retirement,” Grinager said. “They are staying a little bit longer.”

Substitutes are needed because “teachers have things that come up, they get sick, have family emergencies, we also do a lot of professional development during the day,” Grinager said.

Marshall Public Schools wants a smooth transition between the teacher and substitute.

“Just because the teacher is gone, that doesn’t mean learning stops,” she said.

To increase the pool of substitute staff, Marshall Public Schools had an informational meeting Monday and will have another one today from 9-10 a.m. in the Professional Development Room in the District Office, which is located at Marshall Middle School back entrance. Grinager and Gwen Johnson of human resources facilitated the meeting.

Attendees learned about the need, the application process, duties, expectations, scheduling, wages and what a typical day is like.

“Every building has its own personality,” said Grinager, “that has a lot to do with the age of the student and the staff.”

If a substitute is taking over for a teacher who has bus duty, that will be part of the substitute’s day as well.

Grinager went over the pay for substitutes: teaching positions preK-12 that requires a teaching license receive $120 for a day and $60 for a half day. Special education (SPED) paraprofessionals receive $12.86 per hour. Aide positions in the kindergarten rooms and media center receive $12.79 per hour for media and $11.35 for kindergarten.

Some positions require additional training, such as media specialists (librarians) need training on computers and books.

Marshall Public Schools uses an automated calling system, AESOP, for open substitute positions.

“AESOP starts calling at 5 a.m.,” said Grinager. “You can change it to start at 6 a.m. or another time as well.”

Substitutes who have completed the application process can also check the website,, 24 hours a day for open jobs.

Grinager said for those who love children, this is the job for them.

“The day will fly by,” she said. “You are not going to be bored.”