A new arrival

Echo horse owners enlarge their herd with a spring foal

Left: Owner Sandra Hennen brushed 12-day-old Whiskers while his mother grazed. The Hennens live on the east edge of Echo and plan to train this foal themselves, as they have done with others


Mother Nature expects to see babies in the spring, as she did in the Hennens’ horse corral on the east edge of Echo nearly two weeks ago.

Sandra Hennen’s trail horse, Sugar, had the first foal on the place since the Hennens moved there 13 years ago, Sandra said.

“It’s been 19 years since we last foaled,” she said.

Hennen and her husband Russ moved to Echo 13 years ago from Foley where they had seven horses, a couple of which they foaled and trained themselves.

They plan to train Whiskers on their own as well.

Whiskers, a little stud colt, was born in the wee hours of Friday, April 7.

“We looked out at midnight and there was nothing, but he was there in the morning,” Sandra Hennen said.

Even though they had a foaling stall prepared in the barn, the little guy took them by surprise.

Horses deliver between 11-12 months, and Hennen said Whiskers took 345 days.

 “We didn’t know when he was coming. He was way overdue,” she said.

The little bay looks just like his dam (a mother horse), brown all over except for a white snip on his nose.

The Hennens’ granddaughter, Madi Hennen, 9, named him Whiskers for obvious reasons: He has a little goatee.

“Frisky” would also apply to the nimble nibbler as he showed off for the camera, jumping, running and chasing after rabbits that ventured into the small pasture beside the barn.

“He’s athletic and fun,” Sandra said.

While Sugar is a registered quarter horse, his 2-year-old sire, Cocoa, was not registered, so the Hennens have decided not to register Whiskers either.

Sandra has been riding horse since she was 5 years old. She still uses the tack (saddle/bridle) her father bought her when she was still living at home.

“I used to compete in horse shows,” she said. “I liked Western Pleasure and games. Now, I just trail ride.”

The Hennens like to ride the trails in the Upper Sioux Agency Park near Granite Falls.  

“When we moved here, we could only bring four horses, and one of the four we chose died, so we sold the third one and just brought two,” Sandra said. “The two we brought were Magnet, 18, and Midnight.”

Unfortunately, Midnight died, but they added Sugar and a 2-year-old Palomino named Stella to their Echo stable.

Russ and Sandra plan to give Whiskers to Madi. They hope she will use him in horse clubs and/or as a 4-H project.

Currently, the Hennens have only two other horses and two feeder calves on the place.

 Russ manages the elevator in Echo, and Sandra is the Echo city clerk.