A howling good time

Timberwolves mascot Crunch paid a visit to the Marshall Middle School on Thursday

Photo by Mike Lamb Crunch, the Minnesota Timberwolves mascot, jumps over a group of Marshall Middle School student and teachers during a dunk show Thursday afternoon. Crunch entertained the students with games and dance moves.

MARSHALL — It was Crunch time at Marshall Middle School Thursday afternoon.

But it took awhile for Crunch, the Minnesota Timberwolves mascot, to find his way inside the gymnasium where several hundred middle school students waited for the long anticipated famous dunk show.

“It’s time to bring out my other colleague. He’s probably the reason why all you guys are here,” John Berry told the students. Berry is the in game host during Minnesota Timberwolves NBA games at the Target Center.

“He is in one word, awesome. You might see him at Timberwolves games. But somehow he’s lost in the building. He just texted me. He’s lost in the building and needs your help,” Berry pleaded with the students.

“So the only way he can find his way here, is if you howl. So on the count of three, howl,” he said.

And the students howled.

“As you can see that didn’t work. So if you can, howl even louder. So on the count of three, I want you to howl as loud as you can. One, two, three …” Berry yelled to the students.

The noise of howling filled the gym and moments later Crunch ran onto the floor with his horn blaring.

Crunch then entertained the kids with games and dance moves. He shot confetti into the stands, helped pull on one side in the tug of war and hugged another student who didn’t make the cut for one of the games.

The show ended on a high note as Crunch jumped over students and teachers during his dunking exhibition.

“I think the kids had a great time,” Marshall Middle School Assistant Principal Jeff Hansen said. “I think it was a good message for them. They were entertained and I hope they had a great time. We really appreciate them coming and doing the show.”