Meadowland pays out dividends

Meadowland Farmers Co-op is paying out cash patronage for Fiscal 2017 business year profits, Age 72 Equity Retirements, and their 20-year unpaid equity revolvement plan during the next couple of weeks, according to a news release.

For Fiscal 2017 Meadowland allocated $5,192,800 back to its members of which $1,817,163 was in cash.

Retirements paid out for members who reached their 72nd birthday in 2017 amounted to $727,115 in cash.

As part of Meadowland’s strategy to continue to put cash back in their member’s hands, Meadowland revolved all unpaid equity for 1998 as part of its 20-year revolvement plan resulting in another $1,855,490 of cash going back to members.