A fresh view for Edward Jones

Photos by Jody Isaackson The building Mike Leary and his Edward Jones staff will occupy is under construction on College Drive. Leary’s staff will move into the front end while the back two office suites will be rented out.

MARSHALL — After so many years in the same location, Mike Leary said it was time for a fresh view, so he is building a new office on East College Drive near the new Casey’s.

Leary, an Edward Jones investment adviser, has been servicing clients for 20 years. His first year and a half was with Mike Snodgrass on East Lyon Street.

“We’re growing our presence in Marshall,” Leary said. “Right now there are six financial offices in town.”

He explained that each office typically houses one financial adviser and two assistants. Leary’s assistants, Paula Muller and Sarah Mernaugh, will be moving with him.

Some other agent will be moving into Leary’s current office in the strip mall on East College Drive near the West Lyon Street junction.

Leary has contracted with James Carr of Marshall for the building which began just a couple of months ago.

“The architect has some design contacts,” Leary said. “We also have some clients around town, too, that might help (decorate the new office).”

Leary hopes he and his assistants will be moving in sometime around the holidays. “It’s going to be similar in size (three office spaces),” Leary said. “It’s going to be newer with fresh scenery. I’m ready for a change in scenery.”

When Leary began looking for new digs, he said he found lots of good landlords, but none of the spaces they offered were a perfect fit.

“I just wasn’t seeing the space I was looking for,” he said. That is when he decided to build.

Before Leary was in finance, he had practiced law with his father, Pat Leary, who had practiced law for over 40 years.

“I practiced law for seven years,” Mike Leary said. “It’s a changed world. I knew I wanted to stay in a business that helped people. Then Edward Jones came along. I took the opportunity to make a career change. Dad was supportive.”