Cybercrime in the business world addressed

Equifax, HBO, Verizon, Apple, and the CIA; what do these organizations have in common? They all have been victims of cybercrime this year. Cybercrime is a huge business, generating as much money as the GDP of Sweden. Don’t be a contributor to this criminal enterprise. This hour-long discussion covers the most common types of cybercrime and what you can do to keep your name off the list of victims. If your organization relies on computers or the Internet, you’ll want to learn about these latest trends in cybercrime.

Jeffrey Kline with RSM US will be presenting on the subject.

Two times frames are available — one at 8 a.m. and one at noon Tuesday, Oct. 10, at AmericInn, 1406 E. Lyon St., Marshall. Contact Brad Gruhot at

Register online below for the 8 a.m. session or register online for the noon session.

There is no cost to attend.