New owner brings local connection to Vesta liquor store

Photo by Deb Gau Sandy Rebstock bought Vesta’s former municipal liquor store, and officially took ownership last month. Rebstock, who has roots in the Vesta area, said the connection was one factor in her decision to buy the business.

VESTA — The ownership of Vesta’s former municipal liquor store changed last month, but that doesn’t mean there will be unfamiliar faces behind the bar. New owner Sandy Rebstock said last week that a personal connection to the Vesta area was one of the reasons she bought the business.

“I grew up in Echo and Vesta, and my roots are here,” Rebstock said. The liquor store and its bar is a local gathering place, with an active darts league. It’s the kind of thing you don’t want to see leave town, she said. “I’d call it a landmark, for all of us who were raised here.”

Rebstock bought the liquor store from the city of Vesta and officially took ownership in mid-December. While the business is still in a transition period — Rebstock said it’s been a bit of a challenge to get things established during the holiday season — she said she doesn’t plan to change much at the bar and off-sale.

Besides having a local connection, Rebstock also brings experience to the business. She is also the owner of Sandalz Bar and Grill in Echo.

Rebstock said she does plan to update the liquor store’s look a little, with a mural on one of the interior walls, and a couple more tables for customers. But beyond that, she said, “We’re not going to change.” Rebstock said she also plans to stay involved with, and help support, the Vesta community.

The business will still have both on and off-sale liquor, and some food, though Rebstock said the menu’s not going to compete with the Vesta Cafe. Expanding the menu would likely require adding a new kitchen area to the building, and Rebstock said she’s not planning to do that.

She said part of the plan for the business will be to have some more regular hours of operation, and she wants to try having some Sunday hours, as well.

Family connections will play an important role in helping to get the store up and running under new management. Since Rebstock will still be working with Sandalz in Echo, her nephew Dan Isaackson will help run the Vesta business. Rebstock said she’s currently working with Isaackson, and getting staff for the Vesta store finalized.

Rebstock said it will be a good feeling to be able to keep a local business open, especially in a community she’s been part of. She hoped the business would continue to be a place where people can come to relax with friends, or enjoy a game of darts.