In balance

RTR and SMSU graduate Casey Paluch, DC, is opening Balanced Health Chiropractic next month

Photo by Karin Elton Casey Paluch, DC, is opening a new chiropractic office, Balanced Health Chiropractic, at the Main Street Center Office Complex in Marshall in February.

MARSHALL — Casey Paluch, DC, takes a hands-on approach to her work.

She is opening her own chiropractic office Feb. 1 on Main Street. Paluch, formerly Casey Thooft, is a Russell-Tyler-Ruthton High School graduate, class of 2010. Having participated in a variety of sports in high school, she majored in exercise science at Southwest Minnesota State University.

“I played sports my whole life,” she said.

Wanted to go further in her field, she then attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington for chiropractic.

“I loved exercise science and wanted to learn more,” she said.

At Northwestern she was exposed to a variety of approaches to chiropractic — “there are 100s; I learned about all of them,” she said. She chose Balanced Health Chiropractic, which focuses on neuro-structural correction, going beyond temporary relief or pain management and getting at the cause of the problem so it doesn’t come back.

A typical appointment starts with a complimentary consultation, said Paluch, “just to explain what my goals are or what I’m going to do for them. If the person is interested in pursuing treatment, a full set of spine X-rays will be taken.”

“It allows me to see the full spine, not just a problem area,” she said.

Next is a structural analysis in the exam room, to see how the body is positioned.

“If there is anything going on underneath then your body goes into bad posture positions,” she said.

Then there is a neurologic scan “to assess how the nervous system is functioning overall,” she said. The patient changes into a gown, and Paluch will do a visual assessment and will palpate the spine, looking for any inflammation.

“It might be swelled up in that area,” she said. “We do skin on skin so I can feel the inflammation instead of trying to go through clothing,” she said.

She also uses a Nervo-scope to further her investigation.

“It has two probes on each side of your spine,” she said. “It can be more specific on one vertebra to adjust. It measures more than what you can do with your hands.”

Paluch said she is particularly interested in serving families.

“I love working with kids,” she said. “Making sure they are developing, if they are meeting all their milestones.”

Children’s appointments are a little different than adult’s. For instance, they don’t have X-rays taken.

Paluch said she will have an open house from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 1.

“People can come by and see what we have to offer,” she said.

Paluch can be reached at 507-337-2424.