A sweet business

Rural Balaton woman launches The FarmHouse Bakery

RURAL BALATON – Kari Metheny’s passion about baking sparked the beginning of The FarmHouse Bakery in June.

While the business is currently operated in her rural home, Metheny’s dream is to one day have a storefront bakery.

“I’ve been baking for friends and family for a really long time,” she said. “It’s something I really love to do. Someday, I hope to have a storefront business.”

Metheny’s website (barrymkari85.wixsite.com/farmhousebakery) features a wide variety of cupcake and cake flavors. Some of the cupcake flavors include almond dream, pecan, cookie dough, pineapple cake, cookies and milk and Florida key lime.

“I am thrilled to share my love of all things sweet and delicious,” Metheny said. “As the mom of five and grandma of three, I’ve been baking for over 30 years and it truly is one of the ways I show love. There really is no better way to celebrate, congratulate or just show someone they are special to you.”

Some of the cake flavors include carrot, strawberry shortcake, lemon dream and maraschino cherry.

“We officially launched in June,” Metheny said. “Minnesota passed the Cottage Laws, and it allows people to run bakery businesses out of their home. I do have a food safety license, but you don’t need it now. You can make and sell out of your home because they’re not a cross contaminate.”

The FarmHouse Bakery also sells cookies – peanut butter, chocolate chunk (with or without walnuts), frosted sugar, frosted oatmeal raisin, jumbo monster and orange cranberry. Cookie-cakes and cake pops are also available.

“We have five kids, so we’ve been baking for years,” Metheny said. “We only have one left at home now, so we have just been really focusing on our new business. Everyone says it’s delicious and to open up a storefront. We’re just super excited.”

Metheny says family members have been instrumental in helping along the way. While some provide much needed taste-testing feedback, others are supportive in other ways.

“My husband (Barry) is great about making sure I get my supplies,” Metheny said. “He also helps with deliveries.”

While orders for regular flavored products have been coming in on a consistent basis, Metheny said she also has requests for custom-made items.

“We keep adding to the menu,” she said. “Everything is from scratch, so I’ll try out new flavors and keep updating. I’ll custom bake whatever you want – it might not work out, but I’ll try.”

Recently, Metheny has created an apple fritter bread and has been playing around with expresso powder. She’s also been asked to develop a lemon blueberry bread and a champagne cake. Inventing new products that include fruit has also been a priority.

“I like trying new things,” Metheny said. “I usually make my family try it first. It’s funny how I start to dream about different flavors at night. Sometimes, my business takes over the whole kitchen – and sometimes, the house.”

Customers can order online or by calling 507-530-0747. The FarmHouse Bakery provides a quick turnaround for most products and delivery is also included within 60 miles.

“I think about how much money people make in this area and try to price accordingly,” Metheny said. “Everyone says we underprice. We just try to pray about doing the right thing.”

Since the business is still in its infancy, Metheny said getting involved in vendor shows has been a key.

“We’ve been going to some vendor shows,” she said. “We’ve got a couple more yet we’ll be in this year. And we always do samples. If I can get you to try it, you’ll buy it.”