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Taking Charge of YOUR Finances: How to Survive and Thrive to be offered

“Taking Charge of YOUR Finances: How to Survive and Thrive” a financial management workshop, will be taught across the state. Dave Bau, Joleen Hadrich, Rob Holcomb, Nathan Hulinsky, Megan Roberts, extension educators, will teach the sessions offered around the state. This short course will use an interactive and fun approach to teach participants how to organize and use financial records; develop and analyze financial statements; and make informed decisions regarding finances and production. Producer teams will act as loan review committees and learn about these concepts as they review a case study farm. The concepts covered promote better internal decisions for farm management and stronger relationships with external partners, such as farm lenders. The participants will learn the components of a balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, and the importance of records.

“With the current commodity prices and farm economy, keeping on top of, and managing the farm’s finances is a top concern,” said Nathan Hulinsky, extension educator. This course will give the participants the opportunity to review another farm’s finances to determine their financial needs and if the case farm cash flows.”

Dec. 6, Bremer Bank, Marshall.

Classes will start at 9 a.m. and go until 3:30 p.m. Lunch will be provided. Attendance is free and each participant will receive a binder full of handouts and resources to take home.

Registration is open. To register, visit For more information on the workshop, call or e-mail Nathan Hulinsky, 218-236-2009 or

Agricultural plastic recycling adds new collection service for smaller farms, greenhouses and boat dealers

The first year of recycling agricultural plastics such as bale wrap and silage bunker covers, has been a great success in central and southeastern Minnesota. Every month, over 3,000,000 pounds of ag plastics have been kept out of our landfills or from being burned on farm sites in Minnesota and neighboring Wisconsin. The Revolution Plastics Company, in partnership with a group of nine core counties, agricultural organizations and the Recycling Association of Minnesota, began the Minnesota program in December of 2016 and is now expanding to serve farms which may not have qualified for one of the 4,400 free dumpsters which Revolution Plastics has already placed on farms.

The company is currently operating out of five locations across Wisconsin and Minnesota, and its Madison, Wisconsin, baling facility and regional headquarters is now fully operational. The program is going strong and will continue to grow in 2018 as farms continue to sign up daily for the free dumpsters and pick-up service and begin to utilize a new bag system.

This week, Revolution Plastics announced a new recycling option in addition to the existing dumpster program. Beginning Nov. 6, it is launching the new Recapture Bag program, which will allow farms of all sizes to participate in ag plastic recycling. In response to calls from disappointed farmers, whose farms did not generate enough plastic or were in some cases, too isolated, the company developed new collection bags designed to hold 200 pounds of ag plastic apiece. The bags are packed in kits of five, which when filled, will contain 1,000 pounds altogether, the same amount of plastic that one of the dumpsters will hold.

The bags will be sold through dealers and, once filled, will be collected by the same Revolution Plastics team that services the dumpsters across the Midwest. Depending upon the location and ag plastic use on the farms, the company will collect these filled bags for free, just as they do with the dumpsters.

As one would expect, these bags are made from the very plastic that the company has been collecting this past year and has now recycled into the Recapture Bags to be part of the effort to collect even more agricultural plastic. The filled bags are of course, recycled with their contents in to new Recapture Bags, trash can liners, bale wrap, silage bunker covers and ag/grain bags.

With inquiries for Revolution Plastics, email or call 844-490-7873

For general Minnesota program inquiries contact or 651-641-4560