Carrying on a legacy

Suzie and Daniel Burns are the new owners of the Jubilee Cleaning Company. The two took over the company from her dad, George Falconer, who owned the Marshall home-based business for 45 years.

Photo by Jada Falconer Pictured are Daniel and Suzie Burns, along with their sons, Beau and Camden. Dan and Suzie are the new owners of Jubilee Cleaning, taking over from Suzie’s father, George Falconer.

MARSHALL — Who knew volunteering your time on a mission trip could lead to finding a wife, having a family and taking over a business in a new state?

When Daniel Burns volunteered for a week in Oaxaca, Mexico, he met Suzie Falconer, a Marshall native. Starting in 2012, she worked at Casa Hogar, a children’s home that provided education and lodging for students with disabilities. She worked there for about two years.

Fast forward to February of 2018, when Suzie’s dad, George Falconer, made the couple an offer they had to take a little time to consider — taking over his longtime commercial cleaning business.

“We didn’t really know right away if it was something we wanted to do necessarily,” Suzie said. “It was a big leap of faith.”

Daniel Burns is a transplant from Springfield, Mo., where the couple lived prior to moving to Marshall in August with their young sons, Beau, 3, and Camden, 1.

Suzie worked for her dad in high school and then while attending Southwest Minnesota State University.

“My first job was cleaning ACMC when it was at the mall,” said Suzie. “Then I was a supervisor in college.”

Jubilee Cleaning Company offers janitorial services for commercial properties.

“We do some residential work such as carpet and upholstery cleaning or cleaning out a space after a renter has moved out,” said Daniel. “Or construction cleanup.”

When the Burnses lived in Springfield, Suzie was executive administrator for a cleaning company.

“So I have a lot of cleaning experience,” she said.

Someone else with a lot of cleaning experience is her father who has offered his services as a consultant to the couple as they start out.

“When we need something, we call him,” Suzie said.

“There’s nothing he hasn’t seen,” Daniel said.

Falconer had been semi-retired, Suzie said, and had been downsizing the business for the last 10 years.

“So we are building it back up,” she said. “Things are going well.”

Jubilee Cleaning is as eco-friendly as possible, Daniel said.

“We try to use green products,” he said.

Suzie’s brother, Rob Falconer, was the company’s bookkeeper for the past 20 years, taking over from their mother, Sharron, who died in 1999. Suzie said he is happy to turn over the books to the Burnses because he is busy at his job working at Ralco and also for Grace Life Church.

A third Falconer sibling, Sarah Madsen, runs a mobile hair salon called Hair Traveler and is based in Morton.

“She runs a mobile hair salon, a blue ice house that she made into a hair salon, and travels to Balaton, Redwood, Lucan, Austin, Fairfax — places that don’t have salons anymore,” Suzie said.

Suzie is glad to be back at her old stomping grounds. She remembers attending Marshall Area Christian School and now Beau attends the same school, which is now called True Light Christian School.

“Marshall’s a great community,” she said. “It’s a really good base to come home to.”

Daniel appreciates all the support the family has gotten.

“It’s good to serve the community,” he said. “Cleaning is not easy, but it’s good to serve. It’s rewarding.”