Strong schools = Strong communities…thank your school board

Marshall Public Schools joins school districts throughout the state of Minnesota to salute their local education leaders during Minnesota’s annual School Board Recognition Week, which is Feb. 19-23.

The commemorative week is designed to recognize the contributions made by Minnesota’s school board members, including the Marshall Public Schools’ School Board, who are charged with governing public education under state law.

Minnesota school board members are chosen by their communities through election (or appointment) to lead their school district. They oversee multimillion dollar budgets that fund education programs for more than 825,000 students in approximately 2,000 schools statewide. Their personnel decisions affect more than 52,000 teachers and thousands of administrators and support workers.

Perhaps the two most important responsibilities for a school board are working with stakeholders to continually improve student achievement and to be accountable to the community for continuously reviewing conditions that affect the school district as a whole. School board members also are responsible for formulating school district policy, approving curricula, maintaining school facilities, and adhering to state and federal education law. Legal concerns, advocacy, and the complexities of school finance, including budgeting and taxation, require them to spend many hours in board training programs and personal review and research to enhance their understanding of these issues.

Marshall Public Schools’ board members established two school board goals for the 2017-2018 school year, including approved actions and activities for each of the goals. Their goals are 1) to increase the academic achievement of all students through effective instruction, a challenging and engaging curriculum, and aligned assessments and 2) to develop and implement a multi-year facilities and financial plan that supports the district’s strategic plan.

My deepest appreciation is extended to the dedicated men and women who make it possible for local citizens to participate in education in our community. I salute the school board members of the Marshall Public School District School Board — Bill Swope, Karen VanKeulen, Jeff Chapman, Matt Coleman, Dion Caron, and Bill Mulso — whose commitment and civic responsibility make local control of public schools in our community possible. I am fortunate to work with these outstanding board members, and our community is fortunate that they make the choice to serve in this capacity as well.

Please join me by saying thanks to our school board members during Minnesota’s School Board Recognition Week.

Thank you for taking time to read this and for your support of the Marshall Public School District. Go Tigers!