HRS speech team takes 2nd in competition

The Holy Redeemer speech team took second place overall in the Small School Division and brought home a trophy. HRS speech coaches are Rob Purrington, Thalia Deutz and Jenna Zeug.

The award winners:

There were a total of 20 duos

Dani Ewing and Samantha Maher, 1st place duo, only duo to go straight 1’s all three rounds

Lauren Wherry and Brianna Simpson, 2nd place duo, three-way tie for 2nd place

Ella Cole and Hudson Dieken, 7th place

Eliza Holmgren and Lily Verkinderen, 9th place

Holly Netzley, 2nd place, extemp reading

Braxton Seifert, 5th place, after removing the two-way ties for 2nd place and 4th place in great speeches

Out of 21 in humorous

Elizabeth Coudron, 8th place in humorous

Out of 10 in storytelling

Mary Lanoue, 3rd place after the two-way ties for 1st, and 2nd in storytelling