Education Briefs for April 19

Students attend College Experience Day at SMSU

On March 22, the Yellow Medicine Integration Collaborative, (Canby Public High School, Dawson-Boyd High School, Lakeview Secondary School, Minneota High School, Renville County West High School, and Yellow Medicine East high schools), in partnership with the SW MN Private Industry Council Youth and Young Adult Programs hosted their 6th annual The College Experience Day at Southwest Minnesota State University for nearly 300 high school juniors.

Featured at the event were:

David Vikander, SMSU financial aid director, who reviewed the topics of saving, budgeting and spending all while trying to finance post-secondary options. In addition, Vikander discussed the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) grants and scholarships as a means of financing post-secondary.

Luke Greiner, DEED labor market analyst, placed an emphasis on the Greater Minnesota economy and job market, industry trends, workforce availability, and hiring demand. He encouraged students, parents, and teachers to understand Labor Market Information and allow it to guide their career planning and decision making. To learn more about Labor Market Information and the data tools available visit or visit The information located on the sites focuses on education and wage range by education level, annual tuition increases, cost of a degree, and demand jobs in the region.

Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer presented “Saving Time with Memory Tips and Tricks.” Students were introduced to the concept that everyone has a specific memory type. The juniors were able to identify their memory type via a short assessment. Through the students’ memory type identification, students learned the best time of the day to memorize, foods to eat which enhance or depress memory, how to take notes and memorize them quickly, how to pull an “all-nighter” for a final and not be tired the next day, using flash cards and more.

In addition, Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer discussed “Time Management — Work Smarter, Not Harder.” Students were provided information on how to budget their time, backtrack and plan for homework assignments and projects, how to prioritize, tips on overcoming procrastination, recording lectures, audiobooks, exam prep books, tutors, and meeting and talking to professor’s during office hours.

Assistant Director of Student Success at SMSU Brittany Krull presented how students can give themselves the best opportunity to achieve the results they want in college. Students learned several success tips, as well as how and where to find campus resources and more.

The College Experience Day focuses on a variety of career and college readiness topics including: career planning using labor market information, funding post-secondary with scholarships and grants, financial literacy, time management, organization management, study skills, college admissions, stress management, and employability skills. The College Experience Day is a means of affecting attitudes and practices in schools and communities, which encourage students and their families to obtain the information, tools and perspectives to enhance readiness for access to and success in post-secondary education and in the workforce.

Holy Redeemer School releases third quarter honor roll

The following students have been included on the Holy Redeemer School third quarter honor roll.

Fifth grade: Colton Appel, Hannah Bauer, Brady Brandl, Dawson Chappuis, Amelia Clarin, Ella Cole, Tate Condezo, Elizabeth Coudron, Noah Coudron Skyla Crowley, Hudson Dieken, Austin Dunn, Preston Grosklags, Allan Lane, Mary Lanoue, Michael Naber, Nathan Panka, Halle Roos, Brayden Thooft, Lily Verkinderen.

Sixth grade: Brooke Andries, Brayden Appel, Cecily Rae Aufenthie, Joshua Bauer, Jacob Buysse, Daylin Crowley, Logan Girard, Jonathan Gruhot, Henry Herrick, Ava Holmgren, Sydney Kramer, Zachary Kramer, Simon Lanoue, Tyler Maeyaert, Taylor Miller, Chidi Nwakama, Nnenna Onyeaghala, Abigail Panka, Evan Schotzko, Braxton Seifert, Brianna Simpson, Jacob Stucke, Jonah Vierstraete.

Seventh grade: Sydney Allex, Ethan Brau, Danielle Ewing, Samantha Maher, Braxton Meyer, Holland Netzley, Christina Purrington, Maya Roos, Grace Roque, Brenna Springborg.

Eighth grade: Joshua Baker, Keygan Buysse, Rachel Coudron, Noah Dunn, Mackenna Eickhoff, Jacob Hughes, Emma Klein, Sheyenne LaBatte, Bryce Lance, Avery Leary, Olivia Macchio, Kiara Maeyaert, Chiemeka Nwakama, Kayla Polejewski, Brock Schultz, Brittany Seifert, Kaylie Stucke, Anthony Toulouse, Hannah Verkinderen, Zoe Vorbach, Landon Wherry.