Area clergy recognized at Legacy Luncheon

Photo by Jody Isaackson Local illusionist Jett Skrien performed increasingly more difficult acts during the Pastors Legacy Lunch held Monday at the Marshall YMCA.

MARSHALL — The Marshall Area Legacy Foundation paid tribute to all the area church pastors Monday at a luncheon with special entertainment held at the YMCA in Marshall.

“Pastors are the lamplighters of the world,” master of ceremonies John Drown said. He asked all the pastors in attendance to stand for a round of applause. “Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world.’ We are told to live in the light. Jesus told us how to do that in the Sermon on the Mount, also known as the Beatitudes. Pastors lead us to Christ through their service.”

Drown said that we are happiest when we are growing in the four legs of (life’s) stool: work, relationships, financial and spiritual.

Drown introduced special entertainment of contemporary Christian vocal artist Samantha Nelson of Balaton and illusionist Jett Skrien of Marshall.

Skrien awed the audience with a stream of illusions ranging from making a glass soda pop bottle disappearing into a paper bag and having two volunteers help him uncover a playing card selected by someone who wasn’t even in attendance.

Volunteer Lionel Bolden ran through a telephone book to presumably pick a number at random. Once selected, volunteer Elana Nomeland wrote the number down while Skrien asked a volunteer in the audience to dial the phone number.

The answering machine, put on speakerphone, told everyone listening that some random guy asked the callee to select a card from a deck of playing cards, which he said was the Queen of Spades. Bolden then pulled a Queen of Spades from his pants pocket.

But wait! That wasn’t the end of the trick. As if that didn’t seem unlikely enough, Skrien pulled the table cloth off his trick table to display the phone number taped to the top.

The finale was that when Skrien flipped the table over 180 degrees, a few of the pages fell away to show the phone number’s owner’s first name and a “Q” and “S” formed from the inverted digits to verify that Skrien had somehow predicted that the Queen of Spades was going to be the answer.

Drown had introduced Skrien, a Marshall High School student, as having performed in Canada, Europe and Branson, Missouri, and that Skrien had had the opportunity to study with such greats as David Copperfield in a summer camp out of state.

Drown also said that Nelson was a Nashville recording artist and is a member of Victory Christian Church in Balaton.

Nelson was accompanied by pianist Laura Hibma in singing songs such as “Resurrecting” and “Jesus, I Come.” Nelson concluded the program with everyone joining in on “How Great is Our God.”